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If you are using electric radiators as your central heating system then you will need a method of heating your domestic water for sinks, showers and baths.

Electrorad have the perfect solutions:

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Key advantages of the Electrorad cylinder:

  • Unique, integrated and factory fitted expansion solution and control valve.
  • Superior heat up & recovery times and suitable for off-peak tariffs.
  • Laser welded Duplex steel, ECO Foam insulation and 25 year guarantee.
  • Very low heat loss meaning very low energy usage.
  • Low running costs
  • Mains pressure hot water
  • Hot water always available

The Electrorad cylinder has a unique, integrated expansion solution factory fitted. All pipes & connections are also hidden under an insulated top lid. Factory fitted components drastically reduces fitting time, making the Super Series virtually a pre-plumbed unit. Duplex Stainless Steel makes the cylinder extremely lightweight & space efficient for easy handling & installation. Low heat loss, dedicated secondary return, impressive heat up & recovery times and a 25 year guarantee.

The Electrorad cylinder is a quantum leap in unvented cylinder design. All pipes, expansion vessels and electric cables are hidden from view beneath an insulated removable lid giving the neatest possible installation. A bespoke multifunction valve, including a unique blending valve is factory fitted with the supplied expansion vessels to make the Electrorad cylinder virtually a pre-plumbed unit. Adjustable feet are also integrated.

Cylinders from 150 litres are fitted with twin immersion heaters, suitable for off-peak tariffs.

All pipes connect from the rear, allowing them to be concealed from view. The installer fits the pipes to the back wall together according to a supplied template and finally slides the cylinder into place to marry the valve connections with the pre-cut pipe tails.


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Pre-plumbed high output direct cylinder SUPER series has a unique, integrat..